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Innovanaut - The New Business Traveller

Every time we blink an eye it seems as though there is a new technology trend on the market: smartphones with video chat, devices that allow us to listen to music while simultaneously sending email, and electronic books we can carry with us to download and store to read whenever we please. As soon as we get the latest trend, something new, more innovative and technologically advanced appears on the market.

Noticing that the world of technology is changing at an extremely rapid pace, René Cortin (the man behind Innovanaut Magazine) came with the idea of providing helpful solutions to the tech-savvy business traveller. While the business traveller may be away from his family and home for long periods of time, Innovanaut strives to inform him of ways to make extended trips away from his normal life a comfortable pleasure.

There are many business and travel magazines on the market today, but most only provide information focused strictly around travel instead of innovative ways to make the business traveller feel as though he is at home. Innovanaut brings travel and innovation together into one convenient, insightful stop for the business traveller on the go.

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