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Who is Pechi?
Pechi is this funny character with more things incommon with you than you would think.
Pechi is a bee who, like all young people, enjoys life hanging out with friends, watching a movie and many other activities filled with smiles.

Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources

The purpose of the Federal Service for Supervision of natural resources - providing ecological and economic safety RF, the observance of rational, continuous, and ecologically safe use of natural resources, the retention of all components of

Southland Log Home

Combining our strong commitment to personal service, dedication to exceptional quality, and reputation for bringing you the best value in log homes, Southland has long maintained its position at the top of the log homes industry. is an international environmental organization, headed by author Bill McKibben, with the goal of building a global grassroots movement to raise awareness of man-made climate change, to confront climate change denial, and to cut emissions of

Financial Sense

Uncommon News and Views for the Wise Investor