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Social Networking

Posteezy is a microblogging site that offers people the opportunity to post anything without logging in.

A Social Site like Friendster, MySpace or FaceBook but built in Drupal with the extra addition of 1.) No data mining or selling of user information, 2.) less ads, 3.) users can create "Pages" (almost like a website). Locksmith Business Directory locksmith directory features over 2,000,000 locksmiths and other related security business, real estate, shopping, automotive, cars and roadside assistance, towing and many more businesses, across the World, USA, Canada,


Karizma is a biz review website, based on drupal 7.

Wall of Me

How many social networks are you using? How many addresses should you share with your contacts?

Often they are too much. Almost impossible to share all of them, for example, in your business card, or in you email signature.

Wall of me is a solution


This project is developed from scratch by Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd a leading application development & drupal development company.

The idea of building a social network for senior citizens was conceptualized by our client, Zlife Systems Pvt.

Indigoextra Drupal Web Design

Indigoextra is a creative Drupal website design company specializing in designing and marketing multilingual websites in English, Spanish, French and German.
The site includes a blog (see with the latest news and

Sustainable Development Africa (SusDAf)

Sustainable Development Africa (SusDAf) is a Namibia based social research and development firm, with principles and associates who have worked in the sustainable social development field for more than 30 years collectively.

State of the art equipment, fantastic space, the latest innovation in exercise, a heated indoor swimming pool, and a team of well-qualified, experienced and friendly trainers all conspire to make your fitness dreams a reality at the brand new !LIVE’s main aim is to connect customers and suppliers with as little as possible trouble to the consumer. Simply make use of this website to contact suppliers in an effortless manner.