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At we are creative food photography community where you can upload, share, rate, sell, buy food photos and learn how to take mouth watering images.

Whether you're new to single malts or a veteran connoisseur, this site will enhance your flight experience.


Συνταγές μαγειρικής. Αγαπάμε το καλό φαγητό, τη μαγειρική της μαμάς, τα γλυκά της γιαγιάς και μοιραζόμαστε τις πιο σούπερ συνταγές μας!


Celebrations Decor Hire and gifts was established in 2006 and has grown from a small business idea to a well known player in the decor market in Namibia.

Oceanstar Enterprises

Ocean Star Enterprises Group Pty (ltd) is a Namibian registered company. We moved our head office to Walvis Bay, Namibia in early 2008. The construction phase of our head office building started in February 2010 and completed by September already.

Meat Co-Foundation

ounded by the Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco Namibia), the Meatco Foundation is a newly established trust aimed at leveraging all the developmental work that Meatco Namibia is doing amongst cattle farmers and communities it operates in.

Krispy Kreme

The new website provides online customers with a first-class user experience – a key part of the Krispy Kreme company philosophy. It’s been such a success, that it is now being used as the blueprint for the redesign of its entire UK online presence.