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FSR Magazine

FSR magazine offers ideas and insights for chefs, owners, executives, and other leaders in the full-service restaurant industry.

QSR Magazine

Quick-service restaurant and fast casual restaurant news, trends, and information at QSR magazine is the leading media outlet covering limited-service format restaurants and food service operations.

Discussion on issues of science, technology and society

Al Jazeera Network - Sharek

Empowering Citizen Journalism

Vardot has worked with Al Jazeera to restructure and rebuild a user generated content platform "Sharek". We developed a new framework using Drupal 7 for Al Jazeera to coordinates for effective user interaction, uploads,, Sochi news digest = Sochi news digest. We publish all news referring to the city of Sochi: crime, society, sport, culture, car accidents, missing people etc.
Website is responsive so you can read news comfortably from any kind of device.

la republica

Somos el primer diario de negocios de Colombia y tenemos el más completo sistema de información, para que nuestros lectores estén siempre enterados de las noticias económicas que mueven al mundo y puedan aprovechar las mejores oportunidades para

Letras na Avenida

A Avenida dos Aliados vai voltar a animar-se culturalmente, através da festa dos livros e de outras formas de expressão artística, em particular 'performances' poéticas e música.

Deeson Online - ITV

A document and resource library for ITV Press Centre with advanced search and publishing controls as part of ITV's overall re-branding project. is an online portal dedicated to tracking, debating and reporting on Melbourne's urban development.

pv 20 juillet

موقع التنسيقيات الأربع للأطر العليا المعطلة بالمغرب الموقعة على محضر 20 يوليوز 2011