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An encyclopedia of knowledge about health issues, diseases, prevention, healthcare, and healthy living in Vietnamese for Vietnamese people.

Nutralactis | Probióticos para la vida

This website is an online shop to sell probiotics to Spain (and Portugal in the near future). This ecommerce website is based in the Drupal Commerce Platform. The website's theme was deveoped from scratch, based on the 960 CSS grid system.

Sonoline belongs to a group SensoMedial.

The company's goal is to provide you with access to medical devices for optimal price-quality ratio.

With carefully chosen by our manufacturers and their offers, you can see that it is cheaper also means


SensoMedical is a Polish distributor of German-French company SOPRO-COMEG, belonging to the Acteon Group. It is renowned in Europe and the largest manufacturer of surgical endoscopic cameras, light sources and laparoscopic instruments and equipment.

Stem Cells Portal

A responsive site for phones, tablets, and desktop created in Drupal 7, Stem Cells Portal contains the latest researchers and resources in the stem cells community.


Health care site: Every day, all around the world, Covidien helps medical professionals improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Kaiser Permanente

Health care site: The journey to a healthier Colorado starts here. As important health statistics like obesity rise in our state, we feel it’s important for every Coloradan to take ownership of their personal health.


Health care site: Mercy is the sixth largest Catholic health care system in the U.S. and serves more than 3 million people annually.

B. E. Smith

B. E. Smith provides Interim Leadership, Permanent Executive Placements and Management Consulting to healthcare organizations to turn short-term leadership voids into a long-term advantage. B. E.