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Student Resources

RECURSOS GRATUITOS de lengua española para aprender español online.
FICHAS GRATUITAS DE GRAMÁTICA, LÉXICO, ORTOGRAFÍA, PRONUNCIACIÓN de la lengua española. PODCAST desde A2 (MCER) con transcripciones y guía de aprendizaje.

Keiro - A competency based social learning platform

Keiro - pathway in Japanese - is a new innovative e-learning framework combining multimedia with a social network functionality through learning paths – a powerful and flexible mechanism that bundles a series of activities with a learning objective.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park: the nation's largest urban cultural park is home to 15 major museums, renowned performing arts venues, beautiful gardens and the San Diego Zoo.



MOOC (Massive open online course) Ratings and Resources

Allows you to rate and see ratings for MOOCs and free/low-cost online course sites.

Visitors are users of MOOCs and

Labels Forever

Labels Forever are makers of personalized adhesive labels for all occasions for children and adults alike.

Labels Forever labels are made of high-performance vinyl and super-strong adhesive.

ictQATAR Safe Space Website

Guiding Parents, Educators & Teens for Safe Internet Use


ictQATAR, the Supreme Council of Information & Communications Technology, is the regulatory body for information and communication technology in the State of Qatar leading the

Thunderbird School of Global Management

KWALL created the new Thunderbird School of Global Management website to reach a large set of audiences including current students, alumni, faculty and prospective students.

The London School of English

The London School of English Saudi Arabia is a partnership between The London School of English UK, and Dallah Human Skills Development Co., its exclusive partner in Saudi Arabia.

Founded in 1912, The London School of English in London is the

Frontline training academy

FRONTLINE TRAINING ACADEMY leveraged on the power of Drupal for their website design and development. Frontline training academy is focused on training individuals as call center / contact center agents, team leads and so on.

BEST Study International Network

BEST is a study abroad agency helping Australians find language courses and internships / volunteer programs overseas.