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Primary Education

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills ( is a semantic web enabled digital library that contains thousands of educational resources and as one of the oldest digital libraries on the web, it serves educators in 178 countries.

The TEACH campaign is an initiative of the United States Department of Education designed to raise awareness of the teaching profession and get a new generation of teachers to join the ones who are already making a difference in the classroom.

Teaching Tolerance

A place to find thought-provoking news, conversation and support for those who care about diversity, equal opportunity and respect for differences in schools

Whitfield County Schools

We enjoy using the tools offered by Drupal Gardens to deliver the latest news and current information to the students, families, community stakeholders, and everyone interested in Whitfield County Schools. Those who visit us at

National Charter School Resource Center

The National Charter School Resource Center (Charter School Center) serves as a national center to provide on-demand resources, information, and technical assistance to support successful planning, authorizing, implementation, and sustainability of

Education Sector

Education Sector is an independent think tank that challenges conventional thinking in education policy.

Selling To Schools

This site was created using Drupal so that we could incorporate e-commerce, content management, user interaction and more into one seamless platform. The modules that make this site work are Ubercart, Notifications, Simple News and CCK/Views. was started by parents, coaches and community leaders who saw a technology void and wanted to establish a definitive solution to the communication problems we experienced every day.