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Marketing & Advertising

Internetes munka - otthoni munka

Valódi, működő internetes munka lehetőség. Olyan internetes munkát keresel ami rendszeresen fizet? Eleged van abból, hogy rendszeresen átvernek? Locksmith Business Directory locksmith directory features over 2,000,000 locksmiths and other related security business, real estate, shopping, automotive, cars and roadside assistance, towing and many more businesses, across the World, USA, Canada,


We are a full service Drupal agency with know-how in creating large-scale portals and applications in Romania for a worldwide market.

Wall of Me

How many social networks are you using? How many addresses should you share with your contacts?

Often they are too much. Almost impossible to share all of them, for example, in your business card, or in you email signature.

Wall of me is a solution

Pegke SaaS Reward Point System

Pegke is an easy to use customer loyalty program or a reward point system, beneficial to both the merchant and the customer.


Complete Drupal 7 project from the ground up. Implementation and integration of various features, such as - Commerce shop, import of a large custom database of over 300,000 records, Apache Solr, custom design and performance boosted hosting.

Dogma Consulting

We specialize in innovation and creative approach to problems. We are used to create new approaches and points of view, supplying customers with continuity to the original scenarios and analysis.