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Bachkoor Holland

The Bachkoor Holland was brought to life, with the purpose of arranging performances of all works composed by Johann Sebastian Bach: choirworks, chambermusic, orchestra compositions, organ compositions and all other works composed for

Lanna Lacquerware

Lanna Lacquerware - a digital heritage collection of lacquerware in Lanna region, South East Asia.

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

In 2009, hydrant first started working with Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, the premier attraction in the North West that houses considerable collections of fine and decorative art, human history and natural sciences.

Young Tate

Young Tate is a place for young creatives to discover, share and discuss art.

Sydney Living Museums

1 key, 12 museums, many lifetimes.
Previously known as the Historic Houses Trust of NSW, the newly rebranded and relaunched Sydney Living Museums were looking for one website to bring together 12 important historical houses, gardens and museums in

James Ensor - an online museum

The Flemish Art Collection (Vlaamse Kunstcollectie) launched a virtual museum about the Belgian artist and painter James Ensor on This website was built using popular open source technology such as Drupal,

Amazigh Culture

Fadma.Be is a website dedicated to the amazigh culture. The Amazigh (berbers) are the indigenous peoples of North Africa.

Psyche contains photos of graffiti taken in public places in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil.
Its objective is to become a popular digital museum about urban art on the web.

Les Amis d'Armel Guerne

Les Amis d'Armel Guerne. Armel Guerne : poète, passeur, traducteur, résistant. Biographie, œuvres, publications, événements…

les Abattoirs

The modern and contemporary art museum les Abattoirs in Toulouse (France)


Evene is one the most well indexed cultural web-sites in France. With several millions of pages, Evene offers very advanced SEO techniques implemented with Drupal.

AG Plattdeutsches Theater e.V. für die Landkreise Emsland und Grafschaft Bentheim

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft ist die Interessenvertretung der über 40 plattdeutschen Theatergruppen der Landkreise Emsland und Grafschaft Bentheim in Deutschland.

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft hat sich zusammen geschlossen, um das Plattdeutsche und das ist eine Musikplattform für Musiker und Konzerte in und um Düsseldorf. Ziel der Seite ist es, detaillierte Informationen über die Konzerthalle "Tonhalle" zu bieten.

White House Biennial

One cannot simply say Democratic systems don’t work, one must work through them and demonstrate that they are flawed.

Bibliotheek Rotterdam (Rotterdam public library system)

Website for the public library system of Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum, until 2011 called the Amsterdams Historisch Museum, is a museum about the history of Amsterdam. Since 1975, it is located in the old city orphanage between Kalverstraat and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (The Hague Municipal Museum) is a museum with a huge collection of modern art, crafts, fashion and musical instruments. The museum owns the largest Mondrian collection in the world.

Beeckestijn podium voor Tuin- en LandschapsCultuur

Beeckestijn is again an inspiring place to be: at the special exhibition to visit, to become aware of the cultural background of gardening and landscaping, to walk, to enjoy the last sun on the terrace, to confer to give a party, for example, to


Art Shop, Art Library and Workshops


Museum KijkWijzer

A journey through museums in Gelderland and Overijssel , Münsterland and Osnabrück Region!


The ComSonante choir website was created with the purpose of promoting community singing.
ComSonante sings choirworks a capella (Portuguese, classical, Renaissance and contemporary) and the maestro is Luiz Pedro Faro.
Search the choirworks database

Arman Hostikyan, iron sculptor

Official website of Arman Hostikyan, iron artist. Portfolio, blog, news, contacts. Powered by Drupal 7. Huge photos, HTML 5 animation.

Velibor Velja Bugarin artist

Official website of Serbian painter Velibor Velja Bugarin.

Museu de Cultures del Món

The Museu de Cultures del Món, is a museum specialized in the history of different cultures around the world, located in Barcelona.

PADICAT, The Web Archive of Catalonia

Development of the new site for PADICAT. PADICAT (Digital Heritage of Catalonia) is an initiative of the Biblioteca de Catalunya to capture, preserve and distribute the web archive of Catalonia.

The main features of this project are:

  • Integration

Salle spectacle CO2

La salle de spectacle CO2 is a theater located in Switzerland which presents three different sector of the performing arts (music, theater and dance), offering a program which is as diversified as its audience.

Hansel of Film 2012

Hansel of Film is a project by Shetland Arts Development Agency, funded by LOCOG and Creative Scotland. Meaning ‘gift of film’ it's a relay of short films, travelling from Shetland to Southampton and back again.

Cornish Mining World Heritage Site

The successful bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) status places Cornwall and West Devon's historic mining landscapes on a par with such international treasures as Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China Cornwall Council asked

Wearmouth-Jarrow Candidate World Heritage Site

‘Wearmouth Jarrow’ in North East England is one of the most important historic sites in the world, which is why it was UK’s nominated site for World Heritage Site status in 2011. The twin Anglo-Saxon monastery is centred around St.