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Optima Bank

Banking is money. With tens of thousands of current and potential clients, online equals money. In an Agile collaboration Optima Bank’s complete business was rebranded and seamlessly integrated in just a few weeks.

Business Background
Optima Bank is the leading bank in Belgium in personal financial and tax planning.

Optima expanded their core business by taking over Ethias bank. The new premise called for a totally rebranded and remanufactured website, including a new content structure and added value by adding new online services.

Wunderkraut realized the new architecture and optimized user experience in close collaboration with partner agency Internet Architects.

Technical Objectives
In the wake of the company’s merger, many decisions were made on the spot. Our Agile development approach proved to be perfectly suited to quickly adapting and implementing the solutions needed for Optima Bank’s broad and diverse client base.

Optima Bank’s marketing team could follow the development process closely while adapting quickly to the needs at hand throughout the development phase, which took only a few weeks.

Business Results
Information for customers on their financial status and easy access to (already existing) online services have been seamlessly integrated into the new website.

By cleverly combining the content architecture of two businesses, while focusing on a broad user base, the new website proves a worthwhile extension for the brand new Optima Bank’s service portfolio.

The website allows easy access to events and opening up new accounts. Thousands of existing financial planning customers and tens of thousands new and current banking customers were rapidly served with a solid and reliable website to fulfill their needs.

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Version of Drupal: 
Drupal 7
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Corporate site
Product/services site
Financial Services
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