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Investing with signal service: a solid investment methodology with sound risk management. is a search engine for second books sold by shops in the Netherlands.

Online PDF

Convert many file formats to PDF or convert PDF files to many other formats.
It gives you also the possibility to merge different formats together and save it to a file format of choice.
With many options, like page selections, DPI setting, margins,

LTC Anonymus

Members site for Tennis CLub LTC Anonymus

Compubase Drupal Specialisten

CompuBase is a highly specialized full service Drupal company in The Netherlands.
We provide services from A to Z including:

  • functional design and wireframing
  • graphical design
  • website development including interfacing third party systems
  • hosting on

Hosting Apeldoorn

The web site Hosting Apeldoorn presents plans for Hosting, Email, Co location and cloud services. This web site aims at local businesses.

Excel to PDF is an online Excel to PDF converter

Just upload your Excel docoment, select the options you prefer and in a few seconds your PDF is ready for download. is based on Drupal 7.

The PDF creating options are: is a revolutionary application for Human Resources and Recruitment. The purpose of is that employers get the best candidates for a job.


BouwAlmanak is a Dutch construction website where you can find buildingprojects, constructors, architects or all other construction related companies in your area. You can also find the latest news and DIY tips on our website!

HAS Kennistransfer en Bedrijfsopleidingen

HAS Kennistransfer en Bedrijfsopleidingen is part of HAS University of Applied Science and targets the professional market.


The new website brings together Moooi’s collection, brand background information, designers’ detailed profiles, videos, sketches, drawings, project & art photography in a unique platform.

Council: The Internet of Things

Council is a loose group of professionals with different ideas and opinions. We want to host the full range of opinions on what will be a small avalanche of disruptive innovations.

Farmers choice

armers Choice is a young and dynamic company that is specialized in import and export of vegetables, fruits and all kind of products related to nutrition.


Officientstart builds drupal websites and has many experience in grapic design, software development and so on.

Derks Webdesign

Derks Webdesign Deurne | Holland

Shantykoor de Klotvaarders

Shantykoor de klotvaarders bestaat uit meer dan 100 leden en is tevens het grootste Shanty koor van Nederland

Innovanaut - The New Business Traveller

Every time we blink an eye it seems as though there is a new technology trend on the market: smartphones with video chat, devices that allow us to listen to music while simultaneously sending email, and electronic books we can carry with us to


For over 88 years, Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratories throughout the world.


Stichting 113Online biedt online hulp in het kader van zelfmoordpreventie.


Natuurmonumenten is an independent organisation that aims to protect nature, valuable landscapes and cultural history by acquiring and safeguarding natural areas.


PrestoCentre is a non-profit, membership driven organization that serves an international community of stakeholders in audiovisual digitisation and digital preservation.

The website is a community of global media companies including BBC, Tate,

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (The Hague Municipal Museum) is a museum with a huge collection of modern art, crafts, fashion and musical instruments. The museum owns the largest Mondrian collection in the world.


"Meezun2en" is a drive-in show in the Netherlands. The previous site had no way to be editted by the owner and had an out-dated design.

WINMAG Pro Magazine

WINMAG Pro is a magazine for business users. Each edition an impressive array of information, reviews, analysis and background stories for knowledge workers in SME's.

BAAZ Magazine

Baaz is a no-nonsense magazine with a clear goal: it wants to help innovate and inspire entrepreneurs and especially directors and senior management.


Job postings, recruiting, payroll, and career guidance for job seekers, employers, self-employed (ZZP, freelance) and (ex) athletes.

d-Media web professionals

d-Media web professionals is a NL-based open source web developer. Designing and building professional websites with Drupal and WordPress from their office in Breda, the Netherlands.

Dierenkliniek Taxandria

Dierenkliniek Taxandria ("Taxandria Animal Clinic") is an animal clinic in the city of Breda (Netherlands). The clinic was desperate for a new design and use of their website.


Luierdingen ("Diaper Things") is the webshop of my wife. The idea for the site came from the need for nice gifts to present at a baby shower. To avoid cliches she decided to make the gifts by herself so that it would be original.

TiS Lifestyle

TiS Lifestyle is a new design brand in Holland & Belgium which designs and produces their own products. The ladies behind the brand, Micha and Daniëlle, both have a background in fashion; Micha as a designer and Daniëlle as a product manager.
A few

Edison Music Award | Edisons

The Edison music award is an annual Dutch music prize, awarded for outstanding achievements in the music industry. It is one of the oldest music awards in the world, having been presented since 1960.

Bibliotheek Rotterdam (Rotterdam public library system)

Website for the public library system of Rotterdam (The Netherlands).


Sometimes it is really easy to build a website that will generate a lot of traffic.

A good example is, build in just two evenings with just 1 hour of coding.
It's a very simple website, not even using views for example.
It allows (EveryDayFresh)

EachDayFresh is a website where retailers can offer their fresh food every day to customers. A consumer can instantly see what offers are close-by using geolocation targeting.

Our bakers, butchers, greengrocers etc.


Payvision, an independent payment solution provider specialized in global card processing for the e-commerce market offers Acquiring Banks, PSP/ISO and their Merchants a secure PCI Compliant, PSD Licensed international payment processing platform

Jibe! Group: Marketing, Events, Destination Management

Website with information about the three departments active within the Jibe! Group: Jibe! Marketing, Jibe! Events & Jibe! Destination Management.

Teak meubelen voor de Nederlandse en Belgische markt. Teak furniture website in the Netherlands and Belgium. is a news, community and support site for Apple lovin' aircrew flying the European skies.
Find here a free newsletter, free Apple helpdesk support, news & updates, tips & tricks and typical Apple gear that makes the busy life of a pilot


The world's scientific and social network for malaria professionals.

We envision a world in which there is free and unrestricted access to information on malaria, independent of geographical locality or socio-economic status.

Lymec - European Liberal Youth

The European Liberal Youth, abbreviated as LYMEC, is a pan-European youth organisation seeking to promote liberal values throughout the EU as the youth organisation of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) and its parliamentary group

Man bijt hond / NCRV

Deze website hoort bij het populaire dagelijkse NCRV programma Man bijt hond dat al 12 jaar op de Nederland televisie wordt uitgezonden.
Hier kan men alle video’s uit het rijke Man bijt hond archief terugkijken en hebben wij de leukste fragmenten op

GreenWire by Greenpeace

Greenpeace Netherlands is creating an online participation network: GreenWire. Besides participating in Greenpeace activities, volunteers can – from now on – develop and execute their own activities.


World Press Photo is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary photography worldwide.

Amnesty International Netherlands

One Shoe open source webdevelopment developed the new website for Amnesty International Nederland based on an existing functional design.

Groen Links

As one of One Shoe's first projects, developed during 2006/2007, was forst based on Drupal 5 and turned out to be the largest Drupal 5 deployment of Europe at the time.

LTO Noord

The project leaders of projects promoting LTO Noord, lead and implement projects and processes aimed at developing rural areas and a sustainable position for the (agricultural) businesses.


N-Allo beschikt over een compleet serviceaanbod voor de volledige outsourcing van uw contact center activiteiten (Operationele Services) of ter ondersteuning van uw intern contact center (Support Services).

Egregius B.V.

The word is the Latin translation for Egregius progressive, excellent and distinctive. Ambitions that fit our philosophy to provide our clients a comfortable and feel secure with the core value "to relieve clients'.