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This is where nature and city meet. Here, the worst traffic-jam is a herd of Springbok yet you’re just 10 minutes from the big-city buzz. Every vista holds a rolling hill and a sweeping sky, a sense of the spaciousness of Africa.

Elisenheim is our

Sustainable Development Africa (SusDAf)

Sustainable Development Africa (SusDAf) is a Namibia based social research and development firm, with principles and associates who have worked in the sustainable social development field for more than 30 years collectively.

I Like to Waste My Time

Interesting content (humor, facts, videos, quotes, wallpapers, plus funny and cool t-shirts) worth sharing with your friends.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
* استفاده از فن آوري پيشرفته يك ضرورت است نه يك انتخاب *

رشد روز افزون بهره برداري از فن‌آوري پيشرفته در عرصه‌هاي مختلف زندگي بشري، بويژه در دو حوزه آموزش و پژوهش بگونه‌‌اي موجب توسعه و تعميق آن گرديده است كه بدون آن هيچ

The Single Gourmet

The Single Gourmet is a fine dining and social club for professional singles looking to meet and socialize with other singles.



MOOC (Massive open online course) Ratings and Resources

Allows you to rate and see ratings for MOOCs and free/low-cost online course sites.

Visitors are users of MOOCs and

Al Jazeera Network - Sharek

Empowering Citizen Journalism

Vardot has worked with Al Jazeera to restructure and rebuild a user generated content platform "Sharek". We developed a new framework using Drupal 7 for Al Jazeera to coordinates for effective user interaction, uploads,

Studio Pigliacelli

Web Agency, graphic design, web developer, app developer.


Portal Etnofolk focuses on tourism and tourism deliberately.

SPIR - Internet advertising association

SPIR is a professional association active in the field of internet advertising since 2000. The membership base of the association currently has a total of 59 members.